Environment & Safety

Objective Statement

Independent Drilling is fully committed to an incident free operation and to protecting the safety and health of our employees, contractors and the general public while maintaining the quality of the environment in which we operate. We believe that all occupational injuries, illnesses and environmental incidents are unacceptable and are committed to eliminating hazards and safely managing those hazards that cannot be eliminated. Our commitment begins with upper management and is beholden to every employee to maintain and work towards a workplace free of potential hazards. We recognize that a workforce mindful of health and safety essentials are not only indispensable to the company, but are in the best interest of each and every individual concerned.

Safety Principles


Every employee of Independent Drilling is responsible for their own safe actions, safe environment and monitoring the safety of their fellow employees.


Every employee of Independent Drilling has the authority to prevent another person, whether it’s a co-worker or an employee from another company, from committing an unsafe act.


Accountability begins with our management from the President and extends to each and every employee.